In this post, we’ll go through how you can build an alarm app for iOS. Right off the bat, I have to warn you that this kind of functionality isn’t […]

7 years ago. That’s the last time that Apple added support for a new language in iOS. It’s been years since I’ve started filing radars and hoping that Apple would […]

  Apple has announced their plans for iOS8 and it brings the biggest change in API and features, since the original iOS SDK, which allow developers to build apps that […]

Or in other words – how to implement caching on iOS. You should always look into implementing some sort of caching mechanism on your servers, so that you’ll avoid wasting […]

Ever since iOS 4, the iOS SDK has included UIView’s methods


which make it very easy to implement animated transitions between views. While very useful, they’re not […]

Hello everyone – wow, these things are harder to write than I imagined. Here’s another quick thing that gave me a bit of trouble on a project that I’m working […]

Recently I came across an interesting issue, while working with some Class objects. As you know every class in Objective-C is an object as well, which brings us to some […]